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Our business strives to provide our clients in the Chicago, IL area access to the luxury motor yacht of choice in Burnham Harbor. From Corporate events to small social gatherings, we can accommodate you and your guests.

As avid boaters, we know the magic of a day on the lake. The city's heat slides away. The cars and the workaday hustle melt to nothing until it's just the wind in your hair and the summer sun like a million diamonds glimmering over Lake Michigan. The water gently rocks, lake air crisp and sweet in your nose. Boaters live for the relaxation and fun of a Lake Michigan cruise.

We want to share that joy with you.

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Our professional charter boating service, based in downtown Chicago, offers unparalleled luxury and relaxation. A private dinner on the water creates a once-in-a-lifetime memories. A small party becomes legendary, stories lingering long after you've returned to shore. And there's nothing better than a dusk pleasure cruise, sunset blazing over the city skyline. Our love and enthusiasm for the Lake informs every trip.

We know a Chicago summer is best enjoyed from the water. Even better, we know how to share our passion with every passenger who boards our boat.

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Burnham Harbor

Located adjacent to the Museum Campus and Soldier Field, Burnham Harbor is created by Northerly Island. It contains 1120 docking facilities, a harbor store, a boat ramp, and the Burnham Park Yacht Club. The 31st Street Harbor, adjacent to the 31st Street Beach, opened in 2012. It contains 1000 floating slips, a harbor store, and a boat ramp.


  • 1126 slips, star docks, and mooring cans
  • Mast stepping service at yacht club
  • Accommodations for boats 28'-100'+
  • Fuel dock Harbor store Laundry facilities
  • Slips have power and water
  • 3-lane launch ramp
  • Floating boater bathrooms
  • Complimentary pump-out stations
  • Museum campus near Soldier Field
  • Transient dockage

Welcome to The Debonair. Welcome to the good life.

Contact us today to create summer memories on the water, beyond the city's imagination.

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